Fijian play depicts climate change impacts

June 13, 2024 12:16 pm

A Fijian play ‘Kakani ni Wai’ was part of the 13th Festival of Pacific Arts & Culture.

The play depicts the impact of climate change on coastal communities.

Ministry for iTaukei Affairs Executive Staff Officer Jope Koroisavou says Pacific islands face globalization, and islanders need to remember their heritage and the boldness of their ancestors.

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Koroisavou highlights the need for more awareness of such issues through plays.

“And we must tell our young people, our young children, we must tell them, and Fiji is here to tell them, and that they are not descendants of small islands. They are descendants of great voyagers, navigators, mathematicians, those who dared.”

He also emphasizes the importance of preserving cultural identity.

Playwright Dr. Apolonia Tamata says the play portrays the stories of people affected by the rising sea levels in society.

“So too the talk of relocation, displacement, and moving to a new site and all the things that ought to be considered when a community has been asked to relocate.”

Tamata also emphasizes on the resilience and cultural richness inherent within Pacific communities confronting the impacts of climate change.