Fiji Water senior rep from the US to be in next week

May 10, 2024 4:39 pm

Fiji Water staff who are currently on strike today claimed that they have been asked to return to work as issues will be solved next week.

Despite this assurance from the company, union representative Levi Kailo has reiterated their stance that they will only resume work once all agreements are clearly outlined and signed.

Kailo says the latest round of negotiations with the Ministry of Labour concluded yesterday.

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This marked the second mediation session.

During these discussions, three crucial issues were brought forth by the worker representatives, signalling their firm stance on the matter.

The Ministry of Labour is set to intervene once again, scheduling another mediation session for next Tuesday.

FBC News understands that a senior legal representative from Fiji Water’s United States-based office will be present at the upcoming mediation.

More than 150 workers in Yaqara and Naikabula have been on strike since Monday.