Fiji takes lead in fight against online gender-based violence

February 8, 2024 12:17 pm

Online Safety Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi has unveiled the objectives of the Online Safety Commission for this year positioning Fiji at the forefront of the global battle against online gender-based violence.

She states that the focal point of their mission is the empowerment of youth through an extensive digital literacy program, a vision set to redefine online safety standards.

Devi reveals a collaboration with ChildFund Australia to launch the Swipe Safe Training Project, a pioneering initiative designed to train Online Safety champions.

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These champions, she says will be delivering crucial programs in schools across Fiji, equipping students with essential skills to navigate the complex digital landscape.

Online Safety Commissioner Tajeshwari Devi

Devi states that the program addresses key issues such as cyberbullying, privacy protection and responsible social media usage with the goal of cultivating a generation well-prepared to tackle the challenges posed by the evolving digital world.

“Our goal is not only to protect women and girls from harm but also to create an environment where they can thrive without fear of intimidation.”

Devi says that the plan is a targeted response to the alarming rise of online violence against women, with the Commission playing a role in its strategic implementation.

Actively engaged in providing education and awareness programs on online safety, the Commission works towards empowering individuals with knowledge about privacy settings, cyberbullying prevention strategies and reporting mechanisms for harmful content.

By aligning with this national initiative, the Commission takes concrete steps to foster a culture of respect and inclusivity online setting a global example.

The commitment to combat online abuse extends beyond gender-based violence, as Commissioner Devi emphasizes the ongoing need for efforts to raise awareness about responsibility across all age groups.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Acting Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Shepherd highlighted Fiji’s pioneering role in addressing online gender-based violence.

He emphasized that Fiji was among the first two countries in the Pacific to receive regional training for frontline workers, tailored to identify and respond to gender-based violence online.

This training, co-designed with regional and national stakeholders reflects the unique experiences and challenges faced by Pacific survivors and frontline workers.