Fiji steps up against terrorism risks

April 23, 2024 4:42 pm

[Source: Reuters]

There is scope for spillover effects from past terrorist activities in South East Asia and Middle East which could fuel terrorism and violent extremism in Fiji and the region.

Speaking at the Second National Consultation Workshop, Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs Sainitiki Ravuso says the government and security agencies must always be prepared for the worst case scenario rather than being comfortable under a false sense of security.

Due to the threat of terrorism and violent extremism close to our shores, the Ministry is working with key agencies and international partners is fast tracking the Draft Counter Terrorism Bill.

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Ravuso adds the Ministry intends to table the draft strategy to Cabinet by early June while the Bill is earmarked to Parliament around August or September of this year as well.

“As government overall aspiration of the counter terrorism strategy, backed up by its legal framework, is just to promote peace and stability in Fiji and the region through whole of society and nation approach that involves all key stakeholders at all levels.”

Last November, the Cabinet agreed that consultations be reconvened for the development of a National Counter Terrorism Strategy and a Counter Terrorism Bill for Fiji.