Fiji recognizes religious group’s role in National Development

March 21, 2024 6:59 am

Finance Minister, Professor Biman Prasad emphasized the significant role religious organizations play in the country’s development.

He highlighted this during consultations on the National Development Plan with the religious bodies and faith-based groups.

Professor Prasad acknowledged the “foolhardiness” of ignoring the influence of religious groups in a nation as diverse as Fiji.

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He highlighted their crucial contributions to social cohesion, peacebuilding, and education.

Prasad says any national development plan without social cohesion, without peace, and without building will not produce the results

“Health care- that’s another big area where many of you contribute. Sangam Nursing School for example and other examples of contributions that you make towards health delivery and economic Development- many of the religious organisations help out, you support microfinance, you support development projects, when you develop something as part of your religious organisation, you are actually contributing to the economy so you contribute to economic development directly, sometimes we don’t think about it but you do contribute quietly significantly to the economic development.”

He commended religious organizations’ longstanding role as advocates for these fundamental pillars of a thriving society.