Fiji Medical Association backs CWMH masterplan launch

March 23, 2024 4:21 pm

The Fiji Medical Association has expressed its strong support for the government’s initiative to launch the master planning process for the Colonial War Memorial Hospital with financial and strategic backing from the Australian government.

In a statement, the FMA acknowledged the long-standing challenges faced by medical professionals at CWMH.

President, Doctor Basharat Munshi says the main building dates back to 1923, with significant additions constructed nearly 80 years ago.

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He says the population served by the hospital and the complexity of medical cases have grown tremendously adding that a modern CWM is essential to meet the needs of the current population.

The Association commended the masterplan’s four key pillars:

He says the association specifically welcomed the focus on two pressing issues including the state of CWMH’s operating theatres and the problem of multi-resistant organisms.

Dr Munshi says immediate and long-term solutions are needed to ensure all theatres function at full capacity.

He also highlighted the negative impact of limited operating theatre access due to infrastructure issues and staffing challenges.