Fiji Book Drive continues donation of books

February 21, 2024 6:30 am

[ Source : Fiji Book Drive]

To improve literacy and life opportunities for Fijian students, Fiji Book Drive, a nonprofit organization, has been donating library collections to kindergarten and primary schools.

Over the past 12 years, more than 300,000 books and educational resources have been donated to 194 schools.

Fiji Book Drive Chief Executive Fiona Luth is calling on Fijians to help support their work for the benefit of all children.

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“We’ve sent close to 300,000 books to Fiji, we survey the schools before sending the library collection and then we do a follow-up visit and we talk about literacy boosting behaviour in the schools in Fiji. I would love to call on Fijians to support us as much as possible solesolevaki and we would love to have more Fijian donors”.

Fiji Book Drive’s Ambassador Bereta Waqamailau, a kindergarten teacher, emphasizes the impact of books on children.

“In terms of literacy, it will help them a lot with their reading skills, getting to know and even being introduced to other parts of the world, from where they are geographically located, and things that surround them and things they need to know”.

20-year-old Madeline Kardachi shares her educational life and is eager to work with the local children.

“I feel it’s only right to provide the same opportunity to other children and that will allow the Fijian students to have a future that they want, and really enhance themselves”.

Their commitment to ensuring that every child in Fiji has the chance to thrive through literacy is commendable, and their call for support from fellow Fijians highlights the collective responsibility of nurturing future generations.