FCS officers reminded of confidentiality

February 5, 2024 3:04 pm

[Source: FCS/ Facebook]

The habit of giving out sensitive or confidential information about the Fiji Correction Services to the public must stop.

This has been highlighted by Deputy Commissioner Senior Superintendent Apakuki Qura during the recent Commissioner’s Monthly Parade held in Naboro.

He says that it must stop, as it does not paint a good reflection of one’s caliber and integrity as a member of a disciplined force.

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[Source: FCS/ Facebook]

Deputy Commissioner Qura says that personnel should know their channel of communication when confronted by members of the public and understand the procedures to follow.

He has also reminded them to maintain work ethics and integrity to the best of their ability.

[Source: FCS/ Facebook]

He also highlighted the issue of absence without leave that has sent personnel home and emphasized that this should be a lesson to all officers.

[Source: FCS/ Facebook]

The Deputy Commissioner also highlighted that the Yellow Ribbon Walk will be held in Labasa for the first time on March 23.