FCS Commissioner's tour concludes in Levuka

July 8, 2024 10:12 am

[Source: Fiji Corrections Service/ Facebook]

Fiji Corrections Services Commissioner Dr Jalesi Nakarawa visited the 15 correctional centres around the country.

This was a significant event that highlighted the importance of community engagement and professional oversight in corrections management.

During his visit, the Commissioner initially performed a courtesy by presenting a Sevusevu to the Tui Levuka at his residence.

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[Source: Fiji Corrections Service/ Facebook]

This traditional protocol was necessary as it paved the way for the Commissioner and his team to engage in its official business after seeking the blessings of the vanua through the Tui Levuka.

Thereafter, the Commissioner visited the Levuka Correction Center and met the staff for a “Talanoa Session.”

This part of his visit was crucial as it allowed him to inspect the facilities, interact with inmates, and engage with correctional staff on-site.

It also enlightened the staff about the future strategic goals of the FCS going forward, and key amongst these are the shift towards restructuring and realignment of its organizational setup, the review of the Prisons and Corrections Act 2006, the review of the prison enterprises, and the establishment of the Parole Board.

In addition to his visit to Levuka Correction Centre, the Commissioner and his team also took the opportunity to conduct a community engagement and awareness program with the people of Viro Village in Ovalau.