FCCC scrutinizes Fiji Finals ticket prices

April 18, 2024 4:46 pm

The Fiji Secondary School Athletics Association has been issued a formal demand notice to immediately cease the conditional selling of grandstand ticket for Fiji Finals.

Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission today scrutinised the ticket prices.

Chief Executive Joel Abraham says should the Association fail to comply with this directive they will initiate legal proceedings.

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Joel Abraham

Abraham says the Association has been engaging in the sale of event tickets specifically requiring the purchase of three day grandstand tickets instead of offering the option of daily attendance tickets.

“This practice in direct violation of Section 87 E of the FCCC Act 2010 which prohibits the refusal to provide goods and services unless other goods and services are also potentially also violates Section 76 of the act which prohibits unconscionable conduct. We have received confirmation that people have started purchasing these tickets however the ticket prices have not been advertised yet on the organizers website as per our preliminary investigation.”

Fiji Secondary Schools Athletics Association General Secretary Biu Colati had earlier stated that the grandstand tickets will cost $55 for three days, which is an increase of five dollars from last year.

Colati had also said that the stand tickets will only be available as part of a three-day package, a choice that the association finds particularly effective, especially from a financial standpoint in organizing the athletics event.

However, when contacted this afternoon, Colati says they are now considering selling grandstand tickets individually for per day’s event.

“We are thinking of putting a tag on each day for those who would like to come for only one particular day and for those who would like to buy the package deal as we have said for the $55 for three days that one will also be available. So right now we are just looking at the options available to us as to what price tag for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Colati further states they previously tried to sell tickets for individual days.

“$55 was much cheaper but since we have been asked to go into that direction and just sell one day ticket to those who would like to come for one day we will because we had tried that out and it did not work out for us.”

The Fiji Finals will be from the 2nd to the 4th of next month at the HFC Bank Stadium in Suva.