Farmers urged to remain vigilant

March 21, 2024 4:11 pm

The Ministry of Agriculture and Waterways is advising all farmers to take all necessary precautions to reduce the risk to life and property.

This comes as a flash flood warning remains in force for all flash flood-prone areas, small streams, and low-lying areas of Vanua Levu and Viti Levu.

Minister Vatimi Rayalu is urging farmers to follow weather reports and to take immediate precautions and necessary preparatory arrangements to minimize damage to crops and livestock.

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“And for, you know, for those that have crops, if it is ready for harvesting, they should start harvesting, you know, so that floods don’t catch them off guard. But yes, advice has been going, but then after, you know, the floods have gone away, then we will have to look at the mitigation part.”

Rayalu is also reminding farmers to safely store planting materials so that they can be used after floodwaters have receded.