Plans for vocational school for those with special needs

April 3, 2024 4:25 pm

[File Photo]

Pioneer Education Fiji Managing Director Malisha Chand says their major goal is to create job opportunities for those with special needs.

Chand says the school is planning on expanding and including a vocational centre to train and teach those with special needs.

She adds that they intend to instil skills such as baking and gardening to help them generate income.

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“We plan to expand into a vocational level where we want children aged 18 and older who have special needs to learn basic hands-on activities such as cooking classes, baking classes, handicrafts, and gardening. So basically, what we want to do is equip them with trade, and they can earn by themselves.”

Chand explains that families with children who have special needs might not have the financial resources to provide for all their needs.

Therefore, teaching the child a trade could be an opportunity for them to earn a steady income in the future.

She is adamant that the implementation of a vocational school would provide opportunities for students with special needs and promote inclusive employment.