Parents urged to use back-to-school support wisely

January 25, 2024 6:46 am

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With the new school year set to begin next week, the Ministry of Education is urging parents and guardians to utilize the $200 back-to-school support for its intended purpose and ensure their children have the essential supplies for a successful academic year.

Permanent Secretary Selina Kuruleca expressed concerns that, despite the government’s financial assistance, some students arrived at school last year without proper footwear and in soiled uniforms.

She emphasized the importance of responsible utilization of the support to address these basic needs and equip students for learning.

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For those parents, guardians, big sister, or someone else who collected the money? Au kerekere, this is for our children. I am pleading with you, our parents. The money given by the government for back-to school support is for our children. It must be utilized for them. Books, school bags, lunchbox bottles for water, and sandals.

PS Education Selina Kuruleca

Kuruleca is also challenging parents to plan ahead.

If there’s $20 left over, buy some seeds and plant some vegetables because that will help with ongoing food security, and you can feed your children by making fresh lunches from your garden. Buy some seeds, tomatoes, cabbage, and plots around your house; ignore old bottles and hanging gardens. But we need to see how we can stretch that money a bit further.

Kuruleca says a number of applications have been processed, and the only batch that remains is for about 8000. This is for students going into Year 13.