Choose study programs wisely: TSLS Acting Chair

January 5, 2024 12:50 pm

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The Year 13 students have been reminded to select their study programs after comprehensive discussions, which are funded through Fiji Government scholarships.

This reminder comes after annual observation in Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Service records, indicating that a considerable number of students request a change of program, leading to sponsorship discontinuation.

Between 2019 and 2023, a total of 791 students changed programs.

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TSLS Acting Board Chair, Dr. Penuel Emi, highlights that reasons given by students for changes include feeling compelled to undertake a particular program, choosing it under peer pressure, or lacking prior knowledge about the program’s content and potential job roles.

TSLS Acting Board Chair, Dr. Penuel Emi [Source: Supplied]

Moreover, Dr. Emi says that some students opt for a program solely to secure a scholarship, while others choose a program that facilitates migration.

She is urging students to engage in discussions with their parents or guardians and reach a consensus on their choice of programs.

The Acting Chair advises that changing a program after a year, as per policy, extends the years of bonding and incurs additional costs to taxpayers.

Despite this, she notes a positive trend in the previous year, with only 35 change requests, attributing it to increased awareness of scholarship schemes.

Dr. Emi emphasizes that students seeking a program change must obtain prior approval from TSLS.

Furthermore, students are allowed only one program change within the first year, and it should be within the same discipline or national priority area of choice.

According to Dr Emi, this policy also applies to Year 12 students intending to pursue Skills Qualifications at TVET under the Scholarships for Skills Qualification schemes.