Dentists crucial in augmenting healthcare capacity

March 26, 2024 12:29 pm

The role played by dentists in the battle against COVID-19 has been highlighted by the Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Jemesa Tudravu.

He notes the invaluable contribution of dental professionals to voluntary medical assistance efforts.

Dr Tudravu emphasized the importance of incorporating dental services into future pandemic preparedness strategies, recognizing the parallels between the training of dentists and physicians despite their distinct scopes of practice.

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Speaking today at the World Oral Health Day commemoration, Dr Tudravu highlighted the role of dentists in the COVID-19 response, citing their expertise in basic human sciences and sterile surgical techniques as critical assets.

He says their involvement has been instrumental in augmenting healthcare capacity and addressing emergent healthcare needs during the pandemic.

“Maintaining good oral health is crucial not only for a healthy mouth but also for overall wellbeing. Regular dental care proper oral hygiene practices and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a healthier smile and a healthier you”

Dr Tudravu also stressed the broader significance of oral health, noting that maintaining healthy teeth is integral to overall well-being.

He stated a notable statistic stressing that individuals should possess 32 healthy teeth as adults while infants should have 20 teeth and elderlies should retain the same number until the end of their lives.

In alignment with the global theme of ‘A Happy Mouth, is a Happy Body’ for this year’s World Oral Health Day, Dr Tudravu called for collective effort required from governments, health associations and people around the world to promote oral health and its intrinsic link to overall health and happiness.