Damodar Cinemas to screen matches live

January 17, 2024 12:21 pm

Damodar Cinemas Labasa

Damodar Group of Companies has provided sports enthusiasts with the opportunity to watch matches of their favorite sport live in cinemas at its Labasa Center.

Chief Executive, Div Damodar, says people in the Northern Division have been left out on the experience as there was no facility for such leisure activity.

Damodar says that with the state-of-the-art technology in their cinemas, they have taken the cinema experience to another level for people around the country.

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“Our cinemas are no longer just for films… These are also production houses, event management, and you can also do live broadcasts from here, as well as live debates. It will also be part of a lot of community work, as you can see, with schools as the younger generation brings awareness.”

Damodar says their cinemas can also be used as conference facilities, providing convenience for the public and private sectors to host their events.

The Chief Executive believes that it will help retain and maintain people in the area, which will help elevate the economy in the Northern Division.

Damodar Group of Companies invested $15 million into the three cinemas at its Labasa Center, which stand as the most advanced cinemas in the country.