Cybercrime poses growing threat, AG warns

May 24, 2024 3:15 pm

The Fiji Police Force is handling complaints involving various cybercrimes such as dishonest obtaining or dealing in personal financial information, unauthorized modification of restricted data held in computers, and trafficking in obscene publications and pornographic activities.

These activities include the explicit presentation of sexual activity in images or writing, especially involving juveniles, the posting of intimate visual recordings and harmful electronic communication.

Attorney-General Siromi Turaga highlighted these issues in Parliament while discussing the Convention on Cybercrime or the Budapest Convention.

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He emphasized that cybercrime offences have now become strategically linked with traditional transboundary offences, such as trafficking in persons and illicit drugs.

Turaga pointed out that the nature of these offences and what we can anticipate in the future is alarming. He stressed the urgent need to educate and advocate for sensible online behaviour and practices.

The AG states that cybercrime is no longer an emerging issue but has become a common method for committing criminal offences.

Turaga states with technology advancing at a rapid rate, online platforms and e-transactions have become the norm in society, affecting daily communication and the provision of services.

This technological integration, he says extends to matters before the courts and our laws, making it essential for a country like Fiji, with its limited resources and expertise, to be part of a larger network.

Turaga adds that combating cyber and related offences is not purely a matter of criminal law but requires everyone’s effort.