State proposes immunity for Liuvoliga in Drug Case

May 22, 2024 10:15 am

Grace Katia Liuvoliga (left), Alzaid Shain Ali

The state will propose granting immunity to Grace Katia Liuvoliga for her drug charges.

Liuvoliga and co-accused Alzaid Shain Rizwan Ali are charged with unlawful possession and attempted exportation of 12.33 kilograms of cocaine.

The case, heard before High Court Judge Justice Riyaz Hamza, saw Iqbal Khan representing the accused and Alvin Singh appearing for the state.

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Singh informed the court of the state’s intention to make Liuvoliga a state witness.

Justice Hamza emphasized that if Liuvoliga became a state witness, she could not contact Ali, and the same no-contact condition would apply to Ali if granted bail.

The substantive matter was adjourned to June 17 and Ali’s bail matter to May 24.