Man cops jail term for manslaughter

March 2, 2024 6:26 am

[File Photo]

The Lautoka High Court has handed a suspended sentence to Penaia Driu Nawelulu after being convicted of one count of manslaughter.

Nawelulu will have to serve two years behind bars, while the remainder of one year has been suspended for three years.

The Court heard that the incident happened in May 2019, outside a nightclub in Nadi.

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Nawelulu had gone to Nadi Town with his friends and after drinking wine until midnight, they went to a nightclub.

The Court heard that while at the nightclub, Nawelulu bumped into Pauliasi Rokowaqa who was heavily drunk and wanted to fight.

However, Nawelulu warned the deceased to behave.

When Nawelulu left the club at around 4am, he found the victim following him.

The 33-year-old got under the impression that the deceased was about to attack him, and he punched the victim who fell sideways on the cement pavement.

The Court heard that when the victim was lying unconscious, Nawelulu punched him in the face again.

He then left the victim, boarded a taxi and fled the scene.

The victim died on the same night due to a hemorrhage in the brain.

Judge Justice Aruna Aluthge says they have seen a remarkable rise in violence associated with nightlife in Fiji in the recent past.

Justice Aluthge says the public must be concerned at this sort of wanton violence inspired by overindulgence in alcohol.

The Judge says Fiji, already on the verge of being declared a risky tourist destination, must ensure a peaceful environment for the tourists and everyone engaged in the entertainment business.

The Judge says it is the responsibility of all parties concerned, including Court to ensure that the nightlife in Fiji is safe for everyone.