Judge refuses recusal in Isoof appeal case

June 21, 2024 3:00 pm

Mohammed Isoof. [File Photo]

High Court Judge Justice Riyaz Hamza has declined to recuse himself from overseeing the ongoing appeal case of Mohammed Isoof.

Isoof is convicted for the infamous Nausori Highlands murders in 2019.

Currently serving a life sentence at Natabua Corrections Facility, Isoof has made a second request for Justice Hamza’s recusal, which was heard at the High Court in Lautoka.

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Representing himself, Isoof reiterated concerns regarding the handling of his personal belongings, which have been a point of contention for two years.

Mohammed Isoof [Source: File Photo]

Notably, he highlighted the disappearance of his wristwatch and the search list associated with his case.

In response to these concerns, state lawyer Unal Dev Lal informed the court that the exhibit register from Nadi Police Station, dated January 27, 2022, had been recovered.

Lal said Sergeant Anil Kumar, the investigating officer, was tasked with explaining the current status of Isoof’s exhibits, including a mobile phone, an Apple iPad, and the contents of his wallet.

During the proceedings, Isoof alleged that a woman named Sunita, residing in New Zealand, had taken possession of his items.

However, details regarding her involvement were not properly recorded by the police, prompting Justice Hamza to instruct Lal to pursue further actions on the matter.

Lal indicated that Sergeant Kumar and Police Constable Nemani Sauturaga were present during the issuance of Isoof’s items but acknowledged the need for clarification regarding the handling procedures.

The proceedings will be called again on August 15th.