Concerns raised over fake items

March 22, 2023 7:03 am

Suva Retailers Association President Jitesh Patel

The Suva Retailers Association is urging traders to not sell counterfeit or replica items to their customers.

Suva Retailers Association President Jitesh Patel has also called for stronger policies at the border to prevent the import of such items.

He states that incidents of counterfeit sales will be referred to the relevant authorities for action.

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” You are committing a crime, basically, by bringing a fake product and selling it to the public without telling them. So the issue, I think, is at the border, where we should control and see how we can make sure that we don’t allow counterfeit goods into the country.”

Patel says it is a crime to sell fake items to customers without informing them if they are counterfeit or not.