Christians commemorate Easter

March 30, 2024 12:16 pm

Christian’s mark the most significant day in their calendar, with churches resonating hymns and prayers as believers commemorate the death of Jesus Christ.

Different denominations observe Easter uniquely, showcasing the diverse practices within the Christian faith.

Traditions range from the foot-washing ritual, symbolizing Jesus Christ’s act of humility before his crucifixion, to the involvement of church youth reenacting Christ’s journey to Calvary.

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President and Founder of Christian Mission Fellowship International, Reverend Suliasi Kurulo, speaks of Jesus’ boundless love and redemption for humanity, shown through His profound sacrifice on the cross.

“Why did Jesus stayed on the cross, he stayed on the cross because of you, it was because of you, it was because of you, it was because of you.”

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong emphasizes Jesus as the ultimate Passover sacrifice, symbolizing freedom from sin’s bondage.

“For us as Christians, Jesus celebrates our Passover and we pass over from sins and so through Jesus the darkness of sin, we are freed from that.”

Meanwhile, Reverend Semisi Turagavou, in his message emphasizes the importance of believers prioritizing their commitment to following Jesus faithfully.

“Members of the church, the book of Luke 9:23 describes the commitment to wholeheartedly dedicate oneself to the path of discipleship, regardless of the personal cost, in order to align one’s life with the example and teachings of Jesus.”

Through these expressions of faith and devotion, believers reaffirm their commitment to following in the footsteps of Jesus, finding hope, redemption and freedom in His resurrection.