Chinese ambassador dismisses geopolitical claims

April 11, 2024 6:45 am

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian

The Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Zhou Jian, says Pacific people have the conscience to discern who is helping and who is taking advantage of them.

The Ambassador was asked yesterday about China’s intentions in the region and if the so-called claim of its geopolitical competition alongside others with the likes of Australia and New Zealand is true.

Jian, in response, says China has been around for a long time and what they have done speaks volume.

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The Chinese Ambassador has set aside claims of geopolitical competition by China in the region, labeling it as misrepresentation.

“I can confirm with you that China has no intention, no interests for such geopolitical intentions, not in the past, not in the future.”

Jian says China believes the Pacific is a region for peace and cooperation.

“I hope and I believe Pacific Island countries should be a place for cooperation instead of an arena for geopolitical competition. Let’s join hands together to help.”

He states China is all about competing in matters that benefit the citizens of the Pacific.

“Some people say let’s compete with China. Ok, let’s compete in areas to help, we should compete who will help Pacific Islands countries more, who will provide more infrastructure to the people, who will provide more assistance to the people, who can help the local people out of poverty. If we really have to compete, please we compete in these area.”

The Ambassador reiterates there is no such thing as geopolitical intentions by China when building infrastructure to better the lives of people in the region.

He says China’s cooperation with the Pacific should not be viewed from a narrow perspective.