Back-to-School assistance targets parents: Prasad

January 11, 2023 6:50 am

Government’s $200 Back-to-School assistance will be given first to parents before it is opened to guardians, says Finance Minister Professor Biman Prasad.

He says teachers, heads of schools, and managers must ensure that the parent’s name and details in the manual application match the parent’s details on the Fiji Education Management Information System.

Prasad is also urging parents to ensure that they fill in the correct and updated information including phone contact because the assistance will be disbursed through the Digicel MyCash and Vodafone MPaisa.

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For students in the maritime islands and those who do not have access to mobile coverage, families will have to provide the address of their nearest Post Office or nearest agency to receive support through TMO.

“Once all the parents have made the application, we will later open this for guardians and this is to simply avoid complications where both parents and guardians applying for the same child.”

Prasad says the application must include a statutory income verification declaration and should be signed and verified by the school.

This financial assistance will only be accessible to parents earning a combined income of $50,000 or less.

Eligible recipients include Early Childhood Education students, primary and secondary students.

The assistance application forms will be available in school offices around the country from today and will also be posted online.