Anticipatory cash transfers

February 19, 2024 4:01 pm

The World Food Program signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Women, and the Finance Ministry in an effort to strengthen Fiji’s social protection program.

The MOU will enable the government to provide technical support for the distribution of anticipatory cash transfers to households impacted by tropical cyclones.

WFP Country Director Alpha Bah stresses the government will get technical assistance from the World Food Program to manage these financial transfers and it will be given ahead of the cyclone to aid in people’s preparation.

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“Recipients will be able to use the cash-based transfers to better protect themselves before a cyclone approaches by purchasing food items, accessing water, meeting sanitation and hygiene requirements, meeting evacuation costs, and structurally strengthening their homes.”

Alpha Bah

According to Permanent Secretary for Women, Eseta Nadakuitavuki, those who will be directly impacted by the cyclone will receive support.

“Our team at the Ministry is ready to implement a $200 top-up amount for up to 15,000 of existing social welfare beneficiaries that would be in the forecasted path of a cyclone.”

Eseta Nadakuitavuki

The MOU reflects a proactive approach to disaster risk management, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive crucial support before disaster strikes.