Alert issued for widespread flooding

March 20, 2024 12:54 pm

[Source: Fiji Roads Authority/Facebook]

Flood warnings are in effect for several areas as rivers swell and water levels rise.

The Waimanu River and Nadi River are under warnings with concerns extending to nearby flood-prone regions.

The situation is particularly dire downstream of these rivers.

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Alerts have also been issued for areas surrounding the Wainimala, Wainidina, Wainibuka and Ba River.

Residents in these areas are urged to remain vigilant.

Latest measurements show the water level at Ba FCS Station at 2.43m, surpassing the alert level but showing signs of decreasing.

The Waimanu Station recorded a level of 3.59m exceeding the warning level yet it is gradually receding.

Meanwhile, Nadi Back Road station recorded a worrying 6.6m level above the warning threshold but thankfully on a downward trend.

The situation at Nadi Bridge station, with a level of 3.51m also remains concerning, although it is gradually decreasing.

These warnings come amidst a broader weather system affecting the Northern and Northeastern parts of the country characterized by a trough of low pressure bringing clouds and persistent rainfall.

A Southeast to Northwest wind flow is prevailing over the group.

Fijians are urged to stay tuned to local authorities for updates and to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety.