ADB warns of ground water depletion in the region

June 22, 2024 12:05 pm

The Pacific region, including Fiji, is witnessing alarming rates of groundwater depletion due to unsustainable practices, absence of policy and severe impacts of climate change.

Asian Development Bank Head of Country Operation Fiji Nissanka Salgado says it is important to protect water resources to ensure healthy functions of water ecosystems.

Salgado says there is an increase in demand for water from agriculture and energy sectors, as well as domestic users, and this will affect its consistent supply.

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“On the demand side, roughly one-third of world cities that rely on surface water sources. Of course, they are facing challenges, and competition with other water needs. Especially agriculture accounts for 70% of the global freshwater withdrawals. And it is also expected that water used to grow by one percent per year over the next 30 years.”

The ADB representative while quoting UN statistics on Water sources states that water scarcity accelerated by climate change may cost some regions up to six percent of their of GDP by 2050 due to water-related impacts.

Therefore, he says Ground Water Resources Development and Management Policy is an important milestone for Fiji and its neighbours resources.