Flavor Flav on life, love, and his hype man role

April 22, 2024 9:24 am

[Source: CNN Entertainment]

Flavor Flav is moving through life these days like he’s got no time to waste.

In recent months, he’s been spotted backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert, opening for U2, speaking at Harvard, gushing over Cher and Donny Osmond, and trading friendship bracelets with the Swifties at an “Eras Tour” show. The ultimate hype man, however, is no stranger to fame himself.

Flav’s own career kicked off in 1985, when he co-founded the rap group Public Enemy. He went on to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and star in several in early aughts reality shows, including “The Surreal Life” and “Flavor of Love.”

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He hasn’t lost his enthusiasm for life, his fellow artists – or his signature clock necklaces – along the way. Now 65, Flav’s next project is a reality series that will focus on his pursuit to obtain a high school diploma.

CNN recently caught up with Flav to see if we could bottle some of his seemingly endless enthusiasm. Our discussion, which touched on his hopes to meet Megan Thee Stallion and staying more humble than King Kong, follows. It has been lightly edited for clarity and length.