Brendan Fraser Is Perfect For Marvel's Most Powerful Avenger

January 9, 2023 9:30 am

[Source: CBR]

One of the most interesting success stories in Hollywood right now is the return of Brendan Fraser. It’s not that the actor went away, as he was doing well on the small screen in Doom Patrol. But many fans hoped to see him regaining praise on the big screen, which is why they were disappointed Batgirl, where he played Firely, got canned.

However, with the critical plaudits and Oscar-worthy mentions rolling in for Fraser’s role in The Whale, some are hoping he does get to partake in mainstream superhero movies soon. This wouldn’t just put his name out there in a big way for the new generation to see, but it’d garner him a hefty payday, paying off what he did as a leading man in franchises such as The Mummy in the ’90s. While his DC Extended Universe stint is officially dead, Fraser could still get this time in the limelight with Marvel as its most powerful Avenger: Sentry.

Sentry, aka Robert ‘Bob’ Reynolds, is admittedly a divisive character due to his handling since he was created in 2000 by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee. He consumed a Super-Soldier Serum variant and transformed into this godlike Superman. However, apart from being a drug addict, he had many domestic problems, fracturing his psyche and becoming a mix of a supernatural and cosmic destroyer thanks to the other persona in his mind: the Void.

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Bob would end up feuding with the Avengers, working for Norman Osborn, and then later becoming a Horseman of the Apocalypse, showcasing his might in scenes where he ripped Ares apart, mauled Carnage and wrecked New Asgard. He had shades of Osborn, as well as Bruce Banner, in the way he fought to keep his evil side at bay, but when he cut loose, he was truly a destructive force, as the Phoenix and Hulk could attest to.

Now, while the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves forward mixing magical and galactic stories, it needs fresh faces, and a complex character like this would be perfect for Fraser to play. It involves romance, drama and action, with Bob’s story requiring someone who can add layers to this nuance. Fraser has shown he can do this as an overweight depressive recluse in The Whale, not to mention he did this a bit as Cliff in Doom Patrol, who thought he was a monster the world wouldn’t embrace.

Sentry would allow Fraser to tap into his real-life experience, too, when he disappeared for a bit after his mom’s death and also felt like the entertainment industry didn’t have his back following a sexual assault case he levied. In the process, as he mines these tragedies, Fraser can paint a character portrait of a veteran, Bob, who’s scared of the outside world.

It can even tie into Sentry manipulating things, so the world forgot about him, organically working in the sorcerers at Kamar-Taj, or even the yet-to-be-seen Fantastic Four. It’d be even worse if he was trying to secretly resurrect his wife, Lindy, and/or seeking a friend — which can lead to Osborn (should he be introduced into the MCU) or other tyrants wanting to use a vulnerable man. Ultimately, Fraser has the gravitas and real-life experience to match Sentry’s energy and give the MCU an unpredictable powerhouse that could break it, providing the new breed of heroes someone to be scared of, even if Bob’s perceived to be a friend.