Plans to provide affordable housing in Suva

December 2, 2023 12:20 pm

[Source: Supplied]

Dongcheng Investment Company Pte Ltd is teaming up with Nalagi Apartments to tackle the challenges of high living costs.

This project in Suva aims to provide affordable housing solutions.

Construction is set to start next year after a recent round table meeting involving the company, government officials and key stakeholders to gather feedback on the project proposal.

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According to Investment Fiji, these apartments aim to offer reasonably priced living spaces to the working class.

Dongcheng Investment Company Pte Ltd envisions the project with modern facilities and various amenities, including sports facilities and event spaces.

The development will also have underground parking and a dedicated business conference area.

Positioned on Bau Street in Flagstaff, these apartments represent a significant project in Suva.