Outsourcing industry set for a boost with Starlink partnership

November 27, 2023 6:14 am

Outsourcing Fiji Executive Director Sagufta Janif [Source: Outsource Fiji / Facebook]

Fiji’s outsourcing sector is poised for significant growth following a groundbreaking partnership between the Government and Starlink says Executive Director Sagufta Janif.

Janif says this collaboration is expected to revolutionize Fiji’s ICT infrastructure, making it an even more attractive destination for global outsourcing businesses.

She says the partnership will provide Fiji with access to Starlink’s advanced satellite technology, enabling unprecedented connectivity and reliability.

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She adds this improved infrastructure will not only enhance Fiji’s appeal to international businesses but also solidify its position as a secure and resilient outsourcing hub.

Janif says this partnership is a remarkable step towards fostering innovation and growth within Fiji’s outsourcing industry.

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She commended the Fiji Government for its forward-thinking approach in embracing transformative initiatives that strengthen Fiji’s digital economy.

The partnership with Starlink sets the stage for a future where Fiji emerges as a technologically advanced, resilient, and sought-after destination for global outsourcing.