New LTA board steps in to halt workers exodus

December 8, 2023 12:23 pm

The new board of the Land Transport Authority is actively involved in efforts to counter the exodus of its workers.

Acting Chief Executive Irimaia Rokosawa reveals that, on average, about seven resignations per week have been taking place since May.

Rokosawa says this has significantly reduced as the new board has taken proactive measures.

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He claims that skills attained by LTA workers are in demand in both local and overseas markets.

“With that announcement, we were able to control now, in terms of exit and also other new initiatives we are able to attract new graduates coming out from the tertiary institutions in terms of those coming out from FNU and USP.”

LTA Board Chair Inosi Kuridrani says they realized that the welfare of the staff is paramount as it plays a big part in their performances.

“What the Board did in the first place is we sit down and look at our work force, our employees. We need to give them the right work conditions. We need to bring back the allowance that they were being deprived off for all these years. We need to make them happy, we need to be fair with them.”

Kuridrani states that unless workers are provided with the right working conditions, they will not stay.