National airlines celebrates record profit, shares with staff

May 9, 2024 12:30 pm

Fiji Airways has today revealed a remarkable $132 million profit before income tax for the fiscal year 2023.

Announcing this today, Chief Executive Andre Viljoen says this achievement marks a significant milestone for the airline, reflecting not only its financial resilience but also its commitment to excellence in service and operations.

Viljoen attributes the remarkable success to the dedication and hard work of the entire Fiji Airways team.

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With revenue soaring to an impressive $1.8 billion, the airline experienced unprecedented growth, culminating in a record-breaking 2.2 million passengers flown throughout the year.

In a gesture of appreciation for the invaluable contributions of its non-management staff, Fiji Airways announced its decision to share the fruits of success.

Each non-managerial staff member will receive a commendable $5,000 bonus, recognizing their integral role in the company’s prosperity.

Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad extends his heartfelt congratulations to all Fiji Airways staff, acknowledging their unwavering commitment and professionalism.