Labasa businesses dismiss 'Ghost Town' label

January 5, 2024 10:00 am

Labasa Town [File Photo]

The veteran business owners of Labasa have refuted the nickname given to the town by many over the years.

These businesses say Labasa is not a ‘ghost town’ as there are many opportunities in the area.

Businessman, Satish Kumar says the town is flourishing and people are taking advantage of the new opportunities.

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“Labasa Town is growing and definitely it will grow. It is not a ghost town. If somebody is saying that Labasa is a ghost town, I think they better stop saying that.”

Kumar says Labasa is the Friendly North Town and they aim to one day transform it into a city.

Minister for Sugar, Charan Jeath Singh who has also done a number of investments in Labasa over the years, agrees the town has a lot of potential.

He also highlights that new projects will be undertaken soon through funding from the World Bank.

“As you know $200m will be spent on tourism itself in Vanua Levu. So it is giving us encouragement and gearing us up to go ahead and do a lot of things for Vanua Levu.”

With the appointment of Town Council administrators, a number of infrastructure projects will be undertaken soon to beautify the town.