Growth noted in other sectors

January 11, 2023 6:10 am

While tourism has been the primary driver of the economic recovery, other sectors have performed admirably as well.

According to Isoa Wainiqolo, Senior Economic Officer at the Asian Development Bank, this has also impacted other related sectors such as wholesale and retail, transportation and storage, and agriculture.

“Apart from tourism it has been the related sectors, social, retail, transport and agriculture and also in terms of private sector we have seen strong growth as well coming from the timber industry and the sugar industry and also construction industry.”

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Wainiqolo says the momentum needs to continue.

“Fiji is advantaged in some way, they have been first mover if you compare Fiji with competing destinations. We have been first mover in terms that we decided to open our borders in December.”

The Asian Development Bank in its latest report also says that Pacific economies cannot be complacent and that now is the time to strengthen social protection systems to help build resilience to future economic shocks.