Addressing labor mobility

March 1, 2024 12:36 pm

[File Photo]

Minister for Labor Agni Deo Singh is reaffirming the government’s commitment to prevent skilled workers from seeking work abroad during a recent talanoa session hosted by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation in Suva.

Singh emphasizes the importance of the PALM scheme, which focuses on employing unskilled workers.

However, Singh says the Ministry failed to verify some competent professionals who applied and were recruited.

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“We ensure that workers who go through the PALM scheme and seasonal work are unskilled workers, mainly from rural villagers and settlements. We are very particular about this.”

Minister for Labor Agni Deo Singh [File Photo]

The Labor Minister is optimistic that they will return in accordance with the terms of their visa.

Singh believes that labor mobility enhances productivity and skills development providing exposure to different work environments, cultures, and practices.

The Minister highlights that more than 3, 200 workers were deployed under the PALM program between January and December last year.