Hopes crushed as another loved one pulled from rubble

February 10, 2023 9:10 am

The city of Osmaniye was badly damaged by the earthquake. [Source: BBC News]

There was an extraordinary scene a few hours ago where there was a rush and a roar.

People went as close as they could to the buildings because rescue teams thought they had found something – but what they pulled out was not a loved one alive but another dead body.

Then, a cry of two young women rose from the crowds – this overwhelming grief that they realised all their hope was now gone.

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The grief was so overwhelming that they fell to the ground and people rushed to try to pick them up. It’s so heartbreaking.

This is a scene that’s been played out in neighbourhood after neighbourhood, street after street, in cities, towns and villages across southern Turkey and, of course, across the border in Syria as well.