O’Connor resigns as FRU CEO

January 6, 2023 12:30 pm

John O’Connor [right] with Tevita Tuiloa, the Acting-CEO in a press conference at Rugby House today

John O’Connor has resigned as the Fiji Rugby Union Chief Executive Officer effective immediately.

This has been confirmed in a press conference at Rugby House today by FRU Chair Commodore Humphrey Tawake.

Former Suva Rugby Union secretary Tevita Tuiloa is now the acting CEO.

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O’Connor who joined the FRU in 2016 resigned due to personal reasons and he thanked those who have had an input since he joined FRU.

The former CEO is urging all to continue the good work and keep moving the sport of rugby to another level.

Commodore Tawake thanked O’Connor for his service and contribution not only as the leader at the Union but to the rugby community for the past six years being at the helm of FRU.

‘The Board commends Mr O’Connor for his tenure and leadership at FRU. The FRU Board and FRU staff, and Fiji rugby community thank Mr O’Connor for his dedication and sacrifice in leading the nation’s national sport, rugby, we wish John well in his future endeavours, vinaka vakalevu John.”

Tawake says the position of CEO will be advertised before they go through the recruitment process and the best candidate will be selected for the role.

The Navy Commander also says that Tuiloa comes in with a lot of experience at domestic and grassroots rugby since being with Suva Rugby Union for the past seven years.

Tuiloa according to Tawake is well versed with the leadership role that consists of good governance, accountability, finance, and other necessities that is essential to run FRU.

The operation at the rugby house will continue as normal with teams preparing for international meets and the domestic competitions.