Fuli excited for Hamilton and Sydney squad

January 18, 2023 12:42 pm

Fijiana 7s Coach, Saiasi Fuli.

Fijiana 7s coach Saiasi Fuli is slowly injecting young and new players in his squad as the team builds up to the Olympic Games next year.

Ivamere Nabura is one of the youngsters named by Fuli for the Hamilton and Sydney 7s along with lone debutant Maria Rokotuisiga.

Fuli says he has an exciting squad.

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“Introducing some young players Nabura and Maria. They will be making their debut in Hamilton and Sydney, it’s a good one, I can tell that we have trained well for the past four years.”

Fuli says the goal is also to finish on a better ranking compared to the last two tournaments in Dubai and Cape Town.

Fijiana finished fifth in Dubai and 7th in Cape Town.

They are currently on sixth place on the standings.

The Saiasi Fuli-coached side will take on Great Britain at 10.22am Saturday, before facing hosts New Zealand at 2.12pm followed by Papua New Guinea at 5.37pm.

The Fiji men’s 7s team will face France at 8.32am Saturday in their opening Hamilton 7s match.

They’ll then meet Kenya at 12pm and Samoa at 3.06pm Saturday.