Rugby League

Cabinet approves bid for NRL license

March 21, 2024 7:00 am

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Cabinet has given the green light for Fiji to bid for a license to field a men’s and women’s team in the National Rugby League premiership competition in Australia.

This bid will be for the 18th extension franchise.

According to a Cabinet press statement, a successful bid would mean significant player opportunities and extensive profiling of Fiji.

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The statement adds this will bring major positive economic and social benefits for Fiji.

Cabinet has also approved an official endorsement of the bid by Rugby League Bid (Fiji) Limited.

This endorsement will be conveyed by Minister for Youth and Sports Jese Saukuru to the Australian Rugby League Commission.

In addition, the Cabinet has also approved a 200% tax rebate to sponsors for Rugby League Bid (Fiji) Limited, as currently awarded to sponsors of the Swire

Shipping Fijian Drua, which will be considered in the 2024-2025 national budget process.