Senior players have a discipline problem: Khan

April 23, 2024 6:45 am

Suva Football Association Acting President, Intiyas Khan

The Suva Football Association Acting President has voiced his concerns regarding discipline of some senior players in the team.

Intiyas Khan revealed this in a press conference yesterday.

Khan says most of them hardly turn up for training but want to be paid.

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He further states he has laid down a rule which only sees players turning up for training getting paid if they make it to the final 18-member playing squad.

“Even before they start, their demands are high… demands are high they, I’m telling you on air their demands are high I made it very simple you prove than we will give it to you. Suva Football used to pay them $200 a week and we are paying them only $150, what’s the big problem? ”

Khan reiterates he will solely focus on their vision, which is developing the young players.

He says he’ll give game time only to those who are committed and dedicated to training.

The Suva FA is set to appear before the Fiji Football Association today at 6 pm to discuss the ongoing governance issues.

Fiji FA will also be meeting the players either tomorrow or Thursday.