Sanatan Fiji clarifies player eligibility

February 13, 2024 2:06 pm

[File Photo]

All Sanatan Dharm followers will be eligible to participate in sporting events during the 2024 Sanatan Convention.

This includes children from mixed marriages provided they practice and are active followers of Sanatan Dharm and in their daily lives.

In an official statement, Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji National President Dhirendra Nand says the National Executive Council met on Sunday and made the decision as there were some confusion concerning player eligibility rules.

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Nand says in the past, there were occasions when non-Sanatan Dharm followers participated in their sporting events by providing false declaration and this led to unnecessary commotion, and protests during the Convention.

He stresses this year the Sanatan Sports Wing will ensure proper due diligence is followed concerning player eligibility during registration.

According to Nand, the organization of any sporting event in Sanatan Convention is bound by the religious player eligibility rules, and this is to ensure all Sanatan followers are given a fair opportunity to participate.

He says the objective of organizing any sporting event as part of the annual Sanatan Convention is to promote peace, unity, healthy life and encourage youths as well as senior members to be actively involved in promoting the principles of Sanatan Dharm in our community.

Nand is encouraging all Sanatan followers to join the youth clubs, women’s group and Ramayan mandali’s in their respective communities to promote the principles of Sanatan Dharm.

He adds they are working closely with respective stakeholders in hosting the 2024 Sanatan Convention during Easter weekend in Labasa.

During the Convention, the Sanatan Sports Wing will be organizing the IDC soccer while the National Nari Sabha will organise the netball tournament.