Second chance for Ratu Rakuro

December 3, 2023 12:44 pm

Ratu Rakuro Daunivavana

Fijian boxer Ratu Rakuro Daunivavana has been granted approval to participate in the upcoming South Pacific Boxing Promotion, despite facing recent controversy surrounding a failed drug test.

Rakuro’s victory against Vanuatu’s Masing Warawara was overturned due to the test results in the Tuwai Boxing Promotions last week.

Boxing Commission Chair Adi Narayan reveals that Daunivavana’s case was initially slated for review by the disciplinary committee.

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However, with committee members currently out of the country and unconfirmed, the commission had to step in and make a decision.

“Took everything into consideration. It wasn’t taken lightly. And the board looked at the pros and cons of this fellow and given his previous background, that he has performed well, the first time that he has committed this sort of offense.”

Narayan emphasized that this opportunity for rehabilitation would be a one-time occurrence.

Ratu Rakuro, expressing remorse has reached out to his dedicated followers, assuring them of his commitment to regaining their trust.

“But I want to ensure to everybody that things happen. And I’m not saying anything like to hold myself back on any grudge or anything, but I’m here to fight. And I want to ensure everybody that it’s a turning point for me. ”

The Boxing Commission’s decision to allow Daunivavana to participate comes with a stern warning, indicating that any repeat offense would not be tolerated.

Ratu Rakuro is set to go toe-to-toe against Frederick Chand under the South Pacific Boxing Promotion on Saturday in Nadi.

Meanwhile, Ronald Naidu has also been given a chance not to re-offend.