Women in Tech awards applauded for driving digital inclusion

December 4, 2023 5:21 am

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Co-Operatives, Small, Medium Enterprises and Communications Manoa Kamikamica has emphasized the role of the Women in Tech awards in bridging the digital gap and promoting active female involvement in technology-driven sectors.

Referring to the recently unveiled “Assessing Digital and Financial Literacy in Fiji” report, Kamikamica drew attention to Fiji’s position on the Digital and Financial Literacy Index.

He notes the need for comprehensive digital programs in Fiji.

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Kamikamica highlighted three essential elements of Fiji’s digital landscape, focusing on reducing the digital divide, constructing secure ICT infrastructure and cultivating a skilled workforce.

Commending successful initiatives like digitalFIJI and the recent collaboration with Google, Kamikamica emphasized the role these projects play in advancing Fiji’s digital transformation.

The achievements of the Information and Communications Technology programs for girls were spotlighted, reinforcing the commitment to empowering women in technology and creating a digital environment that champions equality and inclusivity.