Traffickers employ sophisticated tactics says ACP Waqa

February 21, 2024 6:54 am

[File Photo]

The Fiji Police Force is currently grappling with an increase in the trafficking of cocaine and methamphetamine, marking a concerning shift in drug trends.

Police Chief of Crime, ACP Mesake Waqa, says they have noted that some of the drugs come through the border, where the traffickers try to beat the system.

Therefore, ACP Waqa says their prerogative is to look after the border, and they are working to strengthen their efforts.

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ACP Waqa says traffickers employ sophisticated tactics to evade detection; therefore, the Fiji Police Force has intensified efforts to fortify border security.

” The new drug trend that we are currently having is cocaine, and methamphetamine is the way that has been trafficked today. And we have noted that some of it comes through the border, where the traffickers try to beat the border system, and also some comes from the open sea, which is also through the border on marijuana.”

Commander Navy Humphrey Tawake, says combating the drug problem requires a multi-stakeholder approach.

” For us doing it alone, we can do it but we are not as effective if we do a joint plan. So that is exactly what we are doing now but we can do more. That is something I am addressing with my line Ministry.”

The government is actively working with international partners to strengthen anti-trafficking measures and intelligence-sharing efforts.

Knowledge sharing is seen as crucial to addressing the transnational nature of drug trafficking and protecting the well-being of Fijians.