Tourism Fiji partners with Traveling Spoon

January 16, 2024 5:43 am

[Source: Supplied]

In a bid to spotlight the vibrant culinary culture of Fiji, Tourism Fiji has collaborated with Traveling Spoon, a global platform that seamlessly connects travelers with authentic food experiences.

This partnership aims to empower and celebrate the rich diversity of Fijian cuisine by inviting passionate home cooks across the islands to become culinary hosts with Traveling Spoon.

Traveling Spoon, lauded by Forbes as the Future of Culinary Tourism, provides an unparalleled opportunity for hosts to share their culinary passion, delve into local markets, and impart the art of crafting authentic Fijian dishes.

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The motive of the initiative is to showcase the authentic flavours and warm hospitality that make Fiji a unique destination for food enthusiasts.

Head of Destination Development at Tourism Fiji, Lucia Zeeard highlights that through this initiative, they are inviting locals who are passionate about cooking to become ambassadors of Fijian cuisine.

Zeeard saysy culinary hosts working with Traveling Spoon can create their own unique experience by deciding on prices, menus, and when they’re available.