TLTB generates over $120million annually

March 19, 2024 6:59 am

[File Photo]

The iTaukei Land Trust Board generates over $120 million annually, with 10 percent of this revenue allocated to assisting landowners in developing their land for income-generating activities.

Chief Executive Solomoni Nata conveyed this message while addressing the people of Nasikawa in Nadroga.

Nata emphasized that this financial assistance will not only support landowners but will also contribute to the establishment of an iTaukei Bank.

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The objective of the proposed bank is to enable iTaukei landowners to own buildings and businesses in major towns and cities.

“We are landowners yet we still don’t have properties and businesses to run. So it is an idea to have iTaukei be property owners in towns and cities where they are landowners. This can be done if we work together.”

Nata further highlights that this new initiative will be a game-changer for iTaukei communities, particularly those facing poverty.

The iTaukei Land Trust Board remains committed to assisting Fijians in restoring the economy while providing support to iTaukei people in need.

Other TLTB initiatives include the Wealth Fund and the Land Development Company.