Take pictures of your receipts: Shandil

April 11, 2024 6:28 am

The Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Seema Shandil

The Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Seema Shandil highlights that if consumers are purchasing household or electrical items it is advised to take pictures of receipts.

Shandil states that in this digital world consumer should be smart and keep digital receipts if they think they will loose their receipts of if it will fade away quickly.

“We live in a digital world and everybody has a mobile phone if you think you are going to loose your receipt easily it is advisable to take a picture of your receipts and also our receipts fades away quickly and sometime if we are buying household items or electrical items and we are advised to keep the receipts with us should we need to return or exchange items.”

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Shandil says that it is easier to retrieve digital copies of receipts because they have received complaints of items becoming default just hours or days after purchase and the customers are not able to get a redress because they have misplaced their receipts.