Tabuya seeks funding for rehab facility

April 22, 2024 6:57 am

[File Photo]

A number of stakeholders are working together to help youth on the street tackle the issue of drug use.

Minister for Children and Social Protection Lynda Tabuya admits the government is aware of children on the street taking drugs.

Tabuya says there is an urgent need to intervene.

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She says the priority now is to set up a rehabilitation facility.

“I don’t have a drug rehabilitation in Fiji, we are looking at as the Ministry for Children and dealing with street kids is the need for a drug rehabilitation centre and training centre and also to intergrate our young people back into the community.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Livai Driu calls on parents to play their part.

“To ask the parents because these children come from families and they need to come and look after them and to come and talk to them and try to persuade them, convince them to go back to their residence.”

Aruka Fiji Founder Inoke Drauna calls for more support from the general community towards these young people.

“To walk alongside them and allow them to feel that sense of belonging but at the same time getting to bringing in stakeholders to just understand and put themselves in the shoes of those people that are on the street.”

Minister Lynda Tabuya says her ministry has included in its budget submission the setup of a rehab facility, and hopefully the Finance Ministry will endorse it.