Sustainable agriculture vital for nature-based conservation

May 20, 2024 12:15 pm

There is an urgent need for more advocacy on transitioning to sustainable agriculture to enhance nature-based conservation efforts.

A recent study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature reveals that poor farming practices are significantly contributing to biodiversity loss.

IUCN Programme Director Rahul Chand stated that the organization plans to conduct forums and workshops with key stakeholders to further discuss this critical issue.
Chand adds that in September, various Pacific Island countries will gather to discuss how they can halt biodiversity loss.

“To sort of now ignite this discussion around sustainable practices in agriculture that can promote sustainable agriculture, promote conservation, and stop the loss of biodiversity, because it is something that is now quite difficult to deal with.”

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Chand also highlighted concerns regarding the use of chemicals on land, which further exacerbate environmental degradation.

“I think there are several other things, like ginger, and all these things can have a huge impact, and it also sometimes impacts not only on land but also because of the number of chemicals and all these things that are being used, which has an implication on the stream and a lot of things on the catchment areas as well.”

Nunia Thomas-Moko, Director of NatureFiji MareqetiViti, added that her organization is working closely with communities and landowners to ensure sustainability is prioritized.

“And a lot of our programs and interventions are done at the village level, where there are different types of mataqali and different yavusa’s. And so for us, our interest right now is to talk to the mataqali, because the mataqali makes decisions on the land and how they use it there.”

These initiatives stress the critical role that communities and stakeholders play in protecting the environment for future generations.